Bush to Bowl Lessons

In our appreciation for teachers and homeschooling parents we are releasing a new teaching activity each Thursday for 5 Weeks from 12 August.

We have 5 sequential lessons to help kids to connect to Mother Earth and learn about our traditional foods. The lessons can be done as a class or at home with out a class group.

We will be releasing some educational videos to support the lessons as well.

Please share with school and home teachers to help them with ideas to help kids engage with nature in these lockdown times.

A big THANK YOU to our intern @ClareLedwidge who came from CSU to work with us and created these lessons with us.

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Lesson 1

Engage- A short engaging activity to get student to start to explore Bushfoods. Includes a short video to explore what other schools are doing and some uses of plants. 

Lesson 2

Explore - This lesson will take the young people outdoors to explore the would around them and connect into Country.

Lesson 3

Explain - Compare native and non-native plants and watch four Bush to Bowl videos about bushtucker plants.