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Do you want to learn about Australian traditional native foods from our very own Aboriginal team members at Bush to bowl?

Do you want to know what even the most amateur gardener can grow at home and which plants you can use to begin your very own native food garden?

Do you want to learn how to use some very tasty native ingredients with one of our easy at home recipes?

Come join our team to gain an insight to our traditional native foods followed by a cooking experience with the energised Jen from @cateringzingfresh for our online cooking lesson.

*We can provide you the native ingredients via postage prior or use your own from your garden.

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Aboriginal Bushfood / Bushtucker walks - Northern Beaches

June 2021 - ONE TIME OFFER

Use your NSW Gov. Discover voucher and join us for a First Nations Australian’s experience and learn about our Australian Bushfoods. The team at Bush to Bowl invites you to explore how our native Australian plants have been used in past & present as a source of food and medicine. We will take you on a guided tour by our Aboriginal team in two of our locations:

1. Exploring a purpose built bushtucker garden @ Balgowlah Heights

School garden guided walk:

  • 12th June - 9am - 10am

  • 20th June - 9am - 10am

  • 26th June - 9am - 10am

2. Join us on a walk exploring our local bushland and plants and their uses

Bushfoods walk at Irrawong falls -

  • 11th June - 4-5pm

  • 25th June - 4-5pm

Past Event

May 2021



Sunday May 16th, & depending on demand 23/5, 2021

Join us, deep in the bush of unexplored Ingleside; for an innovative First Nations Australian’s experience. Connecting people by way of plants & food, we will explore how these plants have been used in past & present and reveal ways of inviting Indingenous culture and flavours into your everyday.

The entire adventure comprises 3 activities:

1. EARTH COOK SHOWCASE from 11:00am

Enjoy the beauty of the unknown backyard of the Northern Beaches. You can observe the method of cooking kangaroo and damper over hot coals within a traditional ground oven. Your Aboriginal hosts in Adam and Clarence will be leading conversations about bushfoods during the earth cook & naturally, you are also invited to sample the cooked delights. Native tonics and teas will be on offer to sample. 

You may also use this time to ask your host about the display of indigenous plants grown on their local farm. Take this opportunity to ask about growing such plants or where to find them in your own backyard. All this, whilst also enjoying background music played by local Aboriginal talent, Michael Birk who will be offering further insights into Aboriginal culture through lyrics in Aboriginal language.


2. KITCHEN COOK 12:00pm - 1:15 pm

Mixing it up in the kitchen, there will be many interactive activities

which are both fun & educational for all the family. These will

convey how accessible our local native produce is and how

delicious it can both look and taste in an everyday way.

Kids & big kids alike can enjoy pulverising leaves into powder

using a mortar and pestle. Make your own delicious pear slices,

watermelon magic & smoothies or shakes, all infused with the

flavours of our farm.

Try mixing biscuits & delicious dips with your choice of indigenous

ingredients, go nuts with DIY dukkah, creating your very own spice,

seed, nut blends. Baste your own brownies, have a ball, spicing up

bocconcini & maybe even win a tasting prize when you have your

say about your preferred mayo.

Feast your eyes on an AmaZing GraZing display. See how easy it is to experiment & impress with flavour and flair. All Covid Safe taste testing. 

We invite you to enjoy the peaceful bush environment, try some native, creative Zing & and stay for a bush picnic lunch. Or if you must, there will be take away tucker boxes for families on the run. Zing Fresh bush tucker boxes are food intolerance friendly & thanks to fully biodegradable packaging, they are earth friendly too.  

For the home trail, you will be able to purchase beautiful bush tucker for your home pantry. Keep your guests coming back like boomerangs by stocking up on flavoured nuts, infused oils and delicious dips and tasty treats by Zing Fresh. All items grown & made locally on the beaches. Just like we promised, from bush to bowl. 

Sunday May 16th & if demand exists, we will offer a 2nd opportunity for 23 May 2021. Ingleside Scout Camp, Bloodwood Rd Ingleside NSW.
Entry price also includes:

  • Access to Zing Fresh recipes featuring the showcased indigenous ingredients

  • Goodie foodie bag with some take home native ingredients & edible goodies

  • Bush To Bowl fact sheet on Indigenous ingredients & home grown bushfood   

For your 2-3 hour experience:        

  • $65 /adult and $50/kids under 12 or $200/family of 4

  • $90 /adult and $75/kids under 12 or $300/family of 4 WITH Bush Tucker Box lunch

Food Intolerances are no problem but are required at the time of booking. 

Book @ : www.zingfresh.catering


BUSH TUCKER BOX LUNCH (available at 1.15 p.m) comprises:

  • TRAY 1

Lemon myrtle humus & bread, Saltbush, purple pickled vegetables
Native Pepperberry cheese & sour cherry brandy, pepperberry jam with crackers
Native Sarsaparilla Bush Bliss Ball 

  • TRAY 2 

‘Boomerang Bites’ (pork meatballs, coconut, water chestnuts & dessert lime chutney)  
Roasted Cinnamon myrtle carrots & River mint potatoes on Warrigal greens with Piggy face

If your little tackers are tricky with tucker, we offer a simply delicious & fusspot friendly roast beef &/or tuna with mayo & green leaves sandwich in a Little Tacker Box. Both trays contain a simple sandwich/treat and can therefore feed either 1 or 2 children. The price is the same as the Bush Tucker Box.



Price: $35per person

  • 11.00 a.m - 12:30 p.m  


  • 1.45 p.m - 3.15 p.m 

Explore the bush, either pre or post lunch; whilst we lead you on a guided walk teaching you about traditional and modern uses of bushfoods. Taste the fresh flavours of our native plants whilst discussing our traditional and modern ways of working with nature and Country.

We will also be showcasing plants for purchase, along with advice on designing your own bushfood garden at home.

For your 1.5 hour experience the cost is $35 - per person. Use the link/button below to make your purchase.


*Please contact us via clarence@bushtobowl.com for the 10% guarantee off for early bird bookings.
If you unable to participate on May 16th, please register your interest for the possible alternative option of 23rd May via: 

Notes for participants: 

  • Zing Fresh & Bush To Bowl are earth friendly businesses and politely ask you to BYO drink bottles as we discourage single use practices. 

  • You are also welcome to BYO food containers & bags for bush tucker shop purchases even though we will be offering biodegradable packaging. The venue is also a self composting facility for further peace of mind.   

This event is brought to you with the support of the Northern Beaches Council as part of the Taste of The Beaches Festival.

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